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About me(Bio)

Maria Jose Nunez Alvarez (Tchê) was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil  in 1977. She grown up in a Chilean family,

At 15 years old she took drawing classes where she perfected the techniques of graphite, charcoal and mainly chalk pastel.

At that time, she participated in an exhibition and her first painting done in pastel received an honorable mention.

She continue painting during all her life as a hobby, mostly painting landscapes and still life.

 In 2001  she graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Architecture and Urbanism,

 in 2013 she finished her studies at Professional Photography at New York Instutute of Photography(NYIP). From that time  she  started working as a professional photographer, mainly focused on portraits.

MJ lived in Australia, Jamaica , Saudi Arabia, Chile and now she  lives in Knoxville, TN  with her husband and two sons. 

In  US, she had the opportunity to start working with her true passion: painting.  This new stage of her life, gave her the opportunity to explore her creativity in a deeper way, blending her photo portraits  in a  ludic and colorful  backgrounds.

MJ’s art is the result of inspiration coming from different  things: women, beliefs, races, colors and fantasy.


About my work

My work is fueled by my travel and different experiences in completely different countries.


I paint the differences and similarities of people around the globe, their dreams, their beliefs, their races, but mostly there is the need to show the female figure, uniting them even though they seem to have so many different costumes, creeds or races.


Through my eyes I try to bring to the canvas not only real people painted in everyday scenes, mixed with the colors ,shapes and marks of a surreal background, but the essence of what really matters in humans, the ones that unite us and which make us unique at the same time: love, imagination, creativity and faith.

Every person who likes people's colors and appreciates art is my audience.


"Painting is get lost , and found your self

inside the colors"

Let's talk

Tel:865 2420339



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